How to add flickr images in blogs

Flickr have tons of free stock images.The only thing is we can’t all the images we found on flickr there are some copyrighted images.Now let we see what kind of images we can use from flickr.

commercial use allowed:

                                      we can use all the images under this license.If you want the image for your blog  you should use the images under this license because,you are going to use it in your blog from which you are earnings.

Modifications allowed

                              If you want to edit the images from flickr you should use this.You can edit the image freely by the way you want.but you can’t use the image for commercial purpose

commercial and modifications allowed

                        Most of the bloggers use the images under this category because,it can be freely edit it and used for commercial purpose

No known copyright restrictions

                    This are the images which are not  copyrighted so you can use it freely wherever you want.

How to give credits to the image owner

                          There are several websites which provide images for money but in flickr or any free stock images websites they are providing the free’s necessary to give the credits to image owner.How to add  flickr images and how to give credits to the image owner is clearly shown in below video


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