Electronics Gadgets You Won’t Believe That Even Exists

The field of electronics grow rapidly these days.Tons of gadgets and devices are invented everyday and most of them we don’t aware of that.I’m going to talk about electronics gadgets which will change our lifestyle completely or we can say as gadgets you won’t believe that even exists.

Snapchat spectacles

electronics gadgets
Credits:FLICKR (Robert Nelson)
                                  Snapchat spectacles is nothing but a sun glasses with a camera developed by snap.you may have a question then what’s the special things in it which make the people go crazy over it.within hours of it release people standing on queues for hours to buy this sunglasses.it records a ten seconds of video and directly upload it on your snapchat.Is that enough cool to buy this.Lets imagine you are going on ride alone and you want to record all the beautiful places you passes by,what you will do stop your bike or cars and use your smartphone.Isn’t annoying? so that snapchat gives a solution for it.just turn towards the things you want to record and your glasses will record it as same how you see.it has a camera on one side and a indicator on other side along with this a button is situated on top left.if you want to record a video just press the button it will record a 10 seconds video.if you want to stop recording press and hold the same button.it’s easy to use and simple to handle.it is available at a price of $129.

Oculus Rift

 electronics gadgets
Credits:Flickr (Sergey Galayonkin)
Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset developed by oculus.it completely immerses you into virtual world.it has an OLED display for each eye.it just a tiny TV strapped to your head.it will give you a new experience of gaming.In just one word “it’s a new revolution in virtual world”.you can use it for various purposes like watching movies,pictures etc.Shop oculus rift at amazon just one click CLICK HERE

Leap Motion  

electronics gadgets
                               Leap Motion is a sensor device which supports hand and finger motions as input.it doesn’t require any hand contact or touching with input devices.it is developed by Leap Motion Inc. it is a small USB peripheral devices which is to be placed at physical desktop.it also available with an additional virtual reality headset similar to Oculus Rift.To Buy leap motion controller at Amazon Click Here.

Parallella board

                        Parallella is a credit card sized 18 crore desktop computer which is also an energy efficient.with 1 GB RAM  and a Micro SD storage.it’s starts at $99.it’s just an awesome products to have.To buy parallella board  at AMAZON  just Click Here.






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