Top blogs you must read atleast once

     Blogging is a modern way of expressing your feelings to this wide world.Lots of beginner starts blogging to earn money and most of them fails at it.The reason behind this is  lack of traffic or lack of content.before doing blogging you must ensure yourself whether you have chosen a  correct topic or not.To get  idea about blogging you must read the blogs of successful bloggers. I have listed best blogs which will give you a idea to think how a blog should be.

Stop using the word retard by jeff goins

                                             when I read this blog for very first time I get to know how one should touch the readers by his blog.yes,of-course blog has a energy to connect one self to this world which other things can’t do.the author wants to stop everyone from using the word retard.imagine if the same person went on to tell everyone individually it has no impact on them.he elaborated it and tell the readers what he suppose to say.the art of playing with words is essential for a blogger. go ahead and enjoy this blog. 

10 Laws of productivity by Behance Team

                                     This blog wonderfully tells how to execute your ideas and amp your helped me as a beginner to learn lot from it

100 Must-read books:The essential Man’s Library  by Jason Lankow,Ross Crooks,Joshua Ritchie and Brett Mckay

                             it’s a list of essential book to read.the way the author choose the books is extremely awesome.if you have some handy resources to share with readers it increase your audience.

A way to give thanks by seth godin 

                                    wow! he just nailed it.this a example for the size of the post is not matter if your content is strong.if you want me to tell about this post I will tell you “short and sweet”.I want every blogger should read this at-least once.

279 Days To Overnight Success by chris guillebeau

                                   This blog tells you about successful story of author’s website and how it became tells how to create your own success with your own project.If you are a beginner and looking for a good guide kindly go through this



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