Whatsapp Web For PC – Use Whatsapp In Your Desktop

Hello everyone,
We all know whatsapp has become the biggest messaging apps and it helps us in varipus reason.I have lots of queries from readers regarding whatsapp for pc.Let me clear it first.To use whatsapp in PC you have two option either you can download whatsapp for pc or use whatsapp webfrom your browser
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Download Whatsapp For PC

To use whatsapp without going to browser you can use this option.To use this you need a PC with Internet connection.To download and use whatsapp messenger for your desktop follow these steps


  • Windows 8  and higher version(64 bit or 32 bit)


  • Mac OS X 10.9 and higher

To download whatsapp messenger for desktop

  • Visit this link
  • Download the app for your preffered version
  • install the app
  • Create a account
  • Enjoy the whatsapp in your PC

Whatsapp Web For PC

For those whose PC is not supported for whatsapp messenger you have another option to use whatsapp in your PC.Whatsapp web is a feauture from whatsapp which helps you to access whatsapp from your browser.To use this follow below steps.
  • Visit this link in your PC.You will see a QR code
  • Now open whatsapp in your mobile
  • Click->Menu icon ->Whatsapp web
  • Scan the QR code on your desktop screen from your mobile
  • Now you have Successfully installed whatsapp web in your PC.

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