How to Take a Screenshot of Laptop

How to Take a Screenshot of Laptop

How to Take a Screenshot of Laptop – If you want to know how to take screenshot on your laptops just follow the guide.We have explained almost every way to take screenshot in laptop.

Most of us need a screen snap of our laptop screen to share the details with others or for some any other purpose. So it’s essential for one to know how screenshot is taken in laptop.This information is very useful for students during their presentation and project work.

In this post our team explained how to screenshot a laptop clearly.We have explained for different kind of scenarios like how to take screenshot easily while using browser etc.This will work for every devices and OS like how to screenshot on laptop toshiba, acer, hp, windows 7,windows 8, windows 10 etc

How to Take a Screenshot of Laptop 

There are two easiest and popular ways to take screenshot of laptop.I have explained both ways below

How to Take a Screenshot on Laptop – Method 1

To first and easiest way to take screen shot on laptop is 
  • Press Fn + PrtScr (PrtScr is found next to F12 – In some keyboards it is mentioned as PrtScrn, PrtSr, PrtScn etc.
  • Then Save it by pressing Save in Save As Dialog Box
  • In few cases Save As Dialog box will not appear.The screenshot will be directly saved in to Pictures folder under a sub-Folder named Screenshots

Method 2 – Copying Screenshot to Clipboard

In this method you don’t need to save screenshot.The screenshot is copied in clipboard and you can paste in anywhere you needed.To use this just follow
  • Press PrtScr
  • Now paste it using Ctrl + V wherever needed like Ms Paint etc.

Method 3 – Take Screenshot of One Window
If you think other things are not needed except a window you can use this method.

  • Just Select the window you need and then Press Alt + PrtSc

How to take Screenshot in Browser

If you want take screenshot while using browser you can do it by using your browser itself.Don’t need to do anything either.

How to Screenshot in Firefox Browser

  • Press Right Click on Your Firefox Browser
  • Select Take a Screenshot
  • Crop the part you need and download it

How to take a Screenshot in Chrome Browser

To take screenshot in chrome use the classic way like method 1,method 2 etc.If you don’t like that there are no of extensions available in chrome.You can choose any one from it based on your requirement.

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