What is Facebook Code Generator and Where to Find it

What is Facebook Code Generator and Where to Find it

Facebook Code Generator is one of the security options available in Facebook app.It enable two step verification while you login from new device.Check below to know more about facebook code generator and how to find it. We have detailed guide on Facebook Verify Your Identity

What is Facebook Code Generator

Code generator in Facebook is a security feature which prevents from logging in from new device.Let us explain simply.If you login through new device it will ask you to enter six digit confirmation code.The six digit confirmation code can be found in Facebook app which you use normally.The generated code expires within 30 to 60 seconds. code generator works even if your mobile doesn’t have internet connection or SMS.
With the help of code generator you can reset your password.

Where to Find Facebook Code Generator

To find facebook code generator you need the mobile which you use normally or the mobile from which you enabled code generator.
  • Open Facebook app
  • Go to more option next to notifications
  • Under HELP & SETTINGS you will find a option named Code Generator
  • Tap the option Code Generator
  • You will see six digit code

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