UNCServer.exe Purpose – Remove UNCServer

Most of you guys wants to remove UNCServer.exe from your system because it eats resources.So we are up with a post which explains everything about UNC Server like whether uncserver is a virus or not, what is the purpose of uncserver, how to remove it.


UNCServer.exe is module of lenovo system update.When lenovo system update started updating this exe files runs with it.After the update is completed by lenovo system update this also close automatically.

How to remove UNCServer.exe? Is it a virus? Is it safe

Let me answer you few things first.UNCServer is safe and its not a virus but there is chance some malicious file is named as UNCServer.So we ask you to check the originality of the exe file.We can do that by following steps.
  • It is always located inside the sub folders of C:Program FilesLenovoSystem Update
  • The publisher of this exe is lenovo

Uninstall UNCServer.exe

We recommend you not to remove UNCServer app because removing it may cause error or reduce perfomances.Still if you want to remove it follow below
  • Go to uninstall a program
  • Uninstall Lenovo System Update
  • After uninstalling it UNCServer also uninstalled because it is module of Lenovo System Update

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